It’s always good to mix up the type of training you are doing to keep your body guessing and to also keep you motivated and prevent you becoming complacent with your training. If you have never tried them before, Kettlebells can be great for high intensity workouts, which work lots of muscles at the same time, leading to a high calorie expenditure and a toned bod!

For all the ladies (and men) out there, I know how many of you ask about ways to tone that toosh, so I will give you 5 top kettlebell exercises to build your butt:

Kettlebell Dead-lift: This Can be done with one kettlebell or two

Stand shoulder width, place the bell or bells between your feet. Start to inhale slowly pushing your pelvis back while maintaining a straight (neutral) spine. Drop your arms and reach for the kettlebell(s) without rounding the spine. Squeeze the bell and stand, closing the joints (knees, hips) at the same time. Stand tall with good posture and exhale, squeeze your butt cheeks as hard as possible. Inhale and lower the bell in in the same fashion as the start.

Kettlebell Front Squat: One or Two Kettlebells

Safely pick up the kettlebell by the “horns” or sides of the handle and hold it at chest level (if using one) or by your sides (if using two). Pushing your hips back, Squat below parallel maintaining proper alignment of the spine. Make sure your knees are “tracking” your toes and your feet are planted to the floor, pause at the bottom for a second, push through your heels, squeeze your butt hard and extend your hips forward into standing position.

Kettlebell Back Lunge: Done with one bell or two

Holding the kettlebell at chest level by the horns (one bell) or by your sides (for two), step back into a lunge position. Make sure you step back far enough, so that your front leg will make a 90 degree angle. Have your weight in the front foot and sqeeze your butt as you push off back into starting position. Alternate legs

Kettlebell Swing: Done with one bell or two

Place the bell a foot in front of you, sit back on the heels while pushing your hips back. Maintain a straight neutral spine. Hike the kettlebell back between your legs and explosivley stand swinging the bell to your chest level making sure the bell handle never goes below the knees. Keep the bell high in your groin while swinging back and forth. Squeeze you butt as you stand straight until the top of each swing.

Single Leg Kettlebell Dead-lift: One of the best!

Find your balance standing on one foot holding a kettlebell. Using the same technique as the dead-lift, push your hips back while pushing the raised leg behind you. Hover the bell above your toe (or on the side), stand and squeezing your butt. This is a challenging move that will take practice but will make your butt lift!

Try these exercises and let me know how you go! If some of them don’t make sense to you, just youtube away.

Yours in health and fitness

A x