I know you know this feeling all to well…. it’s been a long day at work/looking after the kids etc. It’s cold, dark (and if you have been is Sydney this weekend gone) raining outside and the last thing you feel like doing is going to the gym. It would be so much nicer to put your trackies/ugg boots/hoodie (and for some this winter onesie) ensemble on and get toasty on the couch. Great for your cold tootsies but not so much for your toosh!

Don’t let the cool temps and short days undo all of your hard work on your health and fitness this year to date. Keep up the momentum, stay on track of your goals these next few months, and you will be breezing into spring in no time!

Remember being healthy, fit and strong, regardless of the season, is a lifestyle choice for life. It’s not just a fad that comes round every year when it starts to warm up and you do the mad scramble to hit the gym and down the green smoothies to try and make up for what you didn’t do or at least maintain throughout winter. To help you out, here are a few ways to assist you in getting through the next few months:

Train outdoors. Its not so hot and humid that you are drowned in sweat and struggle to get moving like in summer- you have to get moving to get warm! To beat the winter blues and the stuffy heating of the office, get outside on your lunch break and into a gorgeous green park to give you a bit of a lift. Grab some work buddies/friends and play a team sport or even go for a walk to help motivate you.

Wear the right clothes! If you are keeping up the outdoor training, invest in some decent quality clothing such as a good pair of tights, tops, jumpers and even a vest. No one wants to freeze their butt off while braving the elements but at the same time you don’t want to resemble a michelin man either.  Remember, as soon as you get moving, you will get a lot warmer so smart layers are key to ensure you are warm enough and comfortable while you exercise without having to peel scarves, jackets etc off and having to carry them.

Move indoors. If you really cant handle the cold, why not move inside and try something new like hot yoga or a team sport? I used to play indoor netball which is great as it keep you fit but you don’t have to face the cold.

Be smart. If you are starting to cave and find every excuse under the sun not to get moving, make your exercise selection convenient to you. Take advantage of things around you such as stair sprints in your apartment block (you don’t even have to leave home), the monkey bars in the park near your office or the new fitness centre that just opened on your walk home.

Be accountable. If you know that you are likely to become a slacker in these next few months, maybe it is a good idea to lock yourself into things like a pre paid block of personal training sessions, a short term membership at a yoga studio or a boot camp with a friend. The more you have to answer to someone, the more likely you will go!

Make it fun! Why not try something new such as indoor rock climbing, pole dancing or handstand classes? By learning something new and exciting, you will challenge your body in new ways, use muscles that you haven’t used before, and feel good at the same time.

Take advantage of the weather. Go skiing, hiking, snowboarding – it’s great exercise!

Most importantly – Change the way you think! Winter training will set you ahead when the warmer months start to appear again. You will have maintained, if not improved your strength and fitness more than those that slacked off and then complain when it starts to get warm again about how unhealthy they feel and look.

I hope these help breakdown some of the mental obstacles you have in your head.

Happy training

A x